Welcome, honorable Trainer, to the world of Ghost-type Pokémon. What tricks and treats will you encounter today?


Welcome to PokéGeist: Mischief in Making, a Pokémon Fanzine centered around Ghost Type Pokémon and the trainers who love and specialize in them! For generations, Ghost Pokémon have always been the eeriest and most mysterious of the 18 types. From Lavender Town’s Pokémon Tower to the Old Cemetery in the Giant’s Bed in Galar, these rare and mysterious beings have wandered the planet causing mayhem in all sorts of ways, whether general hauntings or mischievous fun. Let’s see what these fascinatingly frightening Pokémon are up to~


This schedule is tentative to change. We will update everyone if this happens.

Interest Check LiveMay 9 -- May 27
Contributor Apps OpenMay 31 -- June 30
Application ResultsJuly 11
Check-in 1August 21
Check-in 2September 16
Final Due DateOctober 16
Pre-ordersOctober 31 - November 30
FulfillmentLate 2022
Leftover SalesEarly 2023


Meet your spook-tacular mod team!

Prin 🎃
Project Host & Art + Graphics Mod

Hi there! I'm prin, a Pharmacy Technician working in hospice who loves to draw, create ocs, and live in a never-ending zine hell~ I have always loved Ghost type Pokémon and I am so excited, after being in roughly 15 zines, to finally host my own! I'm super stoked to work alongside this amazing mod team and I can't wait to see what everyone creates for this loving cause!

Relevant Experience
- Co-Host/Discord/Art Mod for Nomtendo, Le Beau Monde, and Motostoke Memories: A Kabu Zine
- Art Mod/General Mod for Your Journey Awaits, City of Color, and Vividly US
- Finance Assistant for Ikadakimasu

Favorite Ghost-types: Pumpkaboo, Frillish, Mismagius, Dragapult, Hisuian Zorua

Favorite Ghost-types: Chandelure, Rotom, and Aegislash

Formatting & Layout Mod + Graphics Assistant

I'm Nisnow, a software engineer by day and a fanatic artist by night forever in zine hell! Ghost types are my favorite Pokemon (along with steel types!) and I'm super hype to work with everyone on this project.

Relevant Experience
- Graphic designer + Promo Art Lead + Marketing for Winds of Hoenn
- Graphic designer + Promo Artist for Nomtendo
- Project Lead for Full Steam Ahead!
- Full experience here

Raleigh Priest 🎀
Merch Production Mod

Hey! I'm Raleigh, your local casual character designer and Prince of Unfinished WIPs! I've been obsessed with pokemon since 1998, and I'm always eager to share my love of the series. I like using bright colours, sharp lines and never did my anatomy studies!

Relevant Experience
- Bug Off - Head, Finance, Shipping, Merch, and Social Mod. Page and Merch Artist.
- Eclipse - Head, Finance, Shipping, Merch, and Social Mod. Page Artist.
- Winds of Hoenn - Merch Artist

Favorite Ghost-types: Sableye, Banette, Mimikyu, Drifloon, Dragapult and Froslass (to name a few)

Favorite Ghost-types: Marshadow and Mimikyu

Kroalias 👻
Finance & Shipping Mod

Hi, I'm Cym and I love cats! Ghost-type cat Pokémon when :c

Relevant Experience
- Graphics for Comet: Pokemon Astrology Zine
- Finance for réplique: Genshin Fine Art Zine
- Lead, Finance, Formatting, & Shipping for Bearer of Light: Lan Wangji Zine
- More experience here

JJ 👻
Social Media Mod

Hi! I'm a just a smol Pokemon lover!! Especially love my lil bb Gengar!

- Social media mod for COMET
- Social media mod for I am Iron Man

Favorite Ghost-type: Gengar

My favorite Ghost-type Pokemon is Gengar, who I used to be terrified of! I also love the Litwick line, Shedinja, and Drifloon and Drifblim!

Cel 👻
Writing Mod

Hey, my name's Cel! I'm a freelance writer and editor who's been playing Pokemon (and writing Pokemon fanfic) for over 20 years! Ghost-type Pokemon used to scare me when I was little, but now I love them and all their spookiness! I'm new to the zine scene, but I'm extremely excited to be working with our brilliant mod team and amazing contributors!

Relevant Experience
- Writing Mod for Fire Blast Zine
- Writing contributor for Winds of Hoenn
- Freelance editor and writer

Icons drawn by Mod Nisnow


This section will be updated after the interest check.

👻 What size is Pokégeist going to be?
PokéGeist will be an 8.5 x 8.5 in. square book.
👻 Is PokéGeist for-profit or for-charity?
PokéGeist is a non-profit charity zine! All proceeds after production costs and shipping will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.
👻 How will contributors be compensated?
As PokéGeist is a charity zine, all contributors will be working on a volunteer basis. All contributors will receive a finished PDF version of the zine. If finances allow, they will also receive a free physical copy of the zine and the merch bundle as well. Contributors may also purchase extra copies of the physical zine and merchandise at production costs.
👻 How many contributors are you looking to accept?
We are still finalizing details on writers and merch, but we estimate between 40 - 50 assignments.
👻 How old do you have to be to apply?
You will need to be at least 18 years old to apply.
👻 Would original characters be a possibility for PokéGeist?
Your own interpretations of canon characters are absolutely allowed, but due to copyright, no original characters will be allowed in the zine at this time.
👻 Are all artists welcome to apply for PokéGeist?
Anyone is welcome to apply to PokéGeist! We will be basing acceptance on portfolios alone. You can view some general guidelines to help you build a better portfolio on our Guidelines page!
👻 Can you submit without Pokémon art experience?
While you can submit without Pokémon art in your portfolio, it is HIGHLY recommended that you do include some. People sometimes draw Pokémon, animals, furries, and humans very differently, so it's sometimes hard to say how a person would draw Pokémon without any previous examples to work off of.
With this in mind, we recommend having Pokémon art in your portfolio, or at the very least, having some animal, furry, or monster art in contrast to just humans.👻 Will PokéGeist be available to purchase in the UK / Australia / Russia / Ukraine?
Due to current world events, some countries may not be accepting packages from the United States. You can view a consistently updated list of those countries here.
This page will also be updated with any new information we have about our shipping process going forward! We hope to be able to offer sales to as many countries as possible.👻 What kind of content is allowed in this zine?
Your contribution must focus on your assigned Pokemon/line of Pokemon and follow our theme of mischief and trickery.
Fan creature designs are not allowed, and original human characters from outside of the project should not be in a position of focus in pieces. NSFW (not-safe-for-work) content is not allowed.Other than that, have fun and get creative!👻 What is considered NSFW?
NSFW means explicit content, which includes sex, gore, and sensitive content such as drugs, etc. Regarding applications, vague mentions of sex and surface-level injury is acceptable; anything beyond will be considered NSFW. This applies to both art and written works.
The zine will not include any sexual content of any nature at all.For a specific list, we will be following Twitter's definition.👻 Will there be stretch goals?
Merch and potential stretch goals are still being discussed at this time. This page will be updated with any new information after the completion of the Interest Check!
👻 My question isn't answered!
For any other questions, please feel free to DM us, send us an ask on Retrospring or Tumblr, or send us an email. We'll get back to you as soon as possible!